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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 16, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EST

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42 in to the afternoon. angela has traffic. good morning, had a wonderful weekend. off to a good start for the most part. we regetting reports of this accident, trying to get an update. we checked in with city police, highway shutdown between keith and dundalk marine terminal. we will get details as they come in. it's a great drive for those of you traveling on i-95, through the columbia region, no reported trouble northbounds or southbound, if you are traveling on the topside of 695, here is a live look at harford, making your way through the parkville region. we are good to go from i-95 to the harrisburg expressway. back to you. game over, now on to next week, ravens already looking
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ahead, the title game against the patriots. a close win against the houston texans sunday afternoon. final score from mt bank stadium, 20-13. rice has 30 all purpose yards. flacco, today's birthday boy, 176 yards and two touchdowns. it's all new england who crushed denver, 42-10. everyone is talking about the big win, new what is going to go on as we continue our way towards indianapolis and the super bowl. let's head to mt, where we find sherrie johnson, and sherrie johnson, you were out there yesterday for the pregame special, you hung around, saw the fans, what was the reaction like after the game? >> reporter: i was at mother's in federal hill , the fans were excited and filled with their purple pride, lots of spirit
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and here at mt bank stadium. people were excited, beyond joy here. right now, as we plan to move on to face a tough team, the patriots, the fans say we are ready. we are heading to foxboro massachusetts with confidence. that was close victory but a victory nonetheless. there were tense moments for fans. the ravens pulled off a win and now we are heading to the afc championship. >> i love tom brady but i'm terrified of him. we are going to kick his butt. >> we are going to win the super bowl. it's over. >> the excitement is definitely building just one win away from heading to the super bowl. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. on to san francisco for the new york football giants
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following their not so surprising defeat of defending champion, packers. manning threw for 330 yards and 3 touchdowns. 165 yards receiving, responsible for two schools. >> i saw him in the mixing going after the ball. great job by him holding on to it. >> a lot of story lines going in to title game, should new york win next weekend. that's going to set up a rematch for them, of super bowl 35 against baltimore, or a rematch, super bowl xlii against patriots. here is mow the afc and -- here is how the afc and mfc shape up. the giants and 49ers at 6:30. the winners play in super bowl 46, february 5th.
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we want to see pictures of you showing off purple pride. not too late. all you have to do is upload the pics to the facebook fan page p. head to, and share the pics. announcement on sunday in front of 75 fans. robert gadell says the league will look in to making 10 game officials full time employees. that will help the consistency in the way the rules are applied. officials are part time workers and another issue to be discussed whether teams should be allowed to hire assistant coaches. state trooper recovering at a hospital after getting pinned in between his cruiser and another vehicle, and the driver kept on going. 30-year-old trooper, james, pulled over a car around 1:00 sunday morning and there after,
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the attention turned to him, trooper james was alongside i- 85, at ruxton road. a car going 55 miles per hour, sideswiped the trooper and the side of his vehicle. it was a hit and run. the driver behind some evidence. >> the gators have been able to put some things together. they found pieces that broken off of the car leading investigators to believe this was a buick la sabre. gold or tan in color. >> police hope the situation is a reminders about the move over law requiring drivers to move over when the lane and passing an emergency vehicle, if you have information, you are asked to call golden ring barrack, 410-780-2700. montgomery county, a 33 year old was arrested this weekend, in connection with two home invasions and sexual assault in baltimore county last week. this is video from the break in. two residents were tied up and
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housekeeper assaulted. detectives got a photograph of ray when he used a credit card stolen from one of the victims he was caught in north carolina, he faces robbery and sexual assault charges. antonio martinez, accused of trying to detonate a phony car bomb will be in federal court. martinez is scheduled for rearraignment wednesday. documents detailing under cover sting that caught him trying to detonate the bomb unknowingly supplied by the fbi, outside of an armed forces recruiting center. martinez pled not guilty to the charges. after a year of searching, police caught the man who terrorized women in virginia. johnny is accused of cutting the rear ends of 13 women as they shopped last year. he was arrested in peru. officials are working to bring him to the u.s. now. huge billboard came tumbling down in new york city.
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up next, what officials are saying caused it to fall and the damage that resulted. a memorial is going to be corrected. why this has drawn criticism over the omission of one word. amazing story. we will tell you about it on dr. martin luther king day. you are watching good morning maryland, back in just a bit. ♪
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as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. here is shocking video for you, a billboard sign came crashing down and crews are still working to clean it up. debris landed on top of an auto shop and all over the highway in brook brooklyn, new york. workers scrambled to get out of the building. high winds coupled with the wear and tear of the sign brought it tumbling down. no one was hurt. residents in maine have a big clean up from snow and lots
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of it. 8 inches fell taking the city by surprise. officials issued a voluntary parking ban until the snow has stopped. we avoided this. one thing that has not been avoided is lynette charles, she is sick. >> i'm not contagious. >> hi, charlie. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the story in maine. snow there now. they are going to get more snow in the forecast. it's skirting us every time. >> doesn't look like we are going to get anything. let me show you what is going on right now. you can see the clear skys are there. they are like us for today. high pressure in control. then we will start to see more clouds trying to move in across the area. precipitation down in to the south in to tennessee, but the clouds are going to work in to
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our area as we go in to the rest of the afternoon. all the sunshine we are getting today, that's going to leave as we go by the afternoon. now, though, temperatures are cold. that's our big story of this morning. if you are heading out and about, dress warmly. it's going to be a cold day on tap for us. it's starting out cold like yesterday. through the morning, temperatures are going to warm up nicely. 40 degrees the high in the afternoon. we should be at 41 degrees for this time of the year. let's sends this over to angela. good morning everyone. more information on this accident we've been reporting for the last few minutes. police are saying brawning highway is shutdown between dundalk and marine. a pole and wires down. if you travel in the area, in the region, take dundalk avenue to avoid the closure all together. we are still looking good on most of our key routes, 29 at maryland 108, looking goods.
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another quick look at 97, ben field boulevard. no reported troubles traveling through pasadena region. it's martin luther king jr. day honoring him. he is honored around the country and here in baltimore. here is kuren redmond. dr. leon bass, learn about who he is, and what special message he plans on sharing with the students here. that story coming up. coast guards search for several passengers missing after a cruise ship incident off of the us the kind -- tuscany coast. 3q when i inspect homes, i can't be in an allergy fog. so i get claritin clear
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now, good morning maryland. wreath placed inside the martin luther king jr. memorial on the national mall sunday commemorating his birthday. king would have been 83 years
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old yesterday. he was assassinated in memphis in 68. we celebrate with the 26th federal mlk day holiday. a quote on that memorial, is going to be changed. the quote drawn criticism because it was shortened and some say with that came a changing in the meaning. the line reads i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness, however, dr. king's original words from a 1968 sermon in atlanta said quote, if you want to say i was a drum major, say i was a drum major for justice, say i was a drum major for peace, that i was a drum major for righteousness and all other shallow things shall not matter. it will be corrected. a number of events are taking place across the country and here in baltimore. kuren redmond is live outside mount st. joseph high school with a former world war ii vet
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changing his time. >> reporter: like you said, 83rd birthday of dr. king, lots of celebrations to commemorate his birthday, today's, here at mount st. joe, the students will get a message from dr. bass who, is a former world war ii veteran and spent his life fighting racism. tell us about dr. bass. >> reporter: at mount st. joe's we believe the good loving person can make a difference. that was the message the life of dr. king, and his message, it's a part of the life and message of dr. bass. he served in world war ii and helped to liberate a death camp and active in the civil rights movement and became principle at a time when the quest for equality was played out in the
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schools. not only a eye witness but a participant and living history. we hope he will inspire our boys today. >> reporter: how important it is for him to share his message? >> schools teach students through textbooks and teachers. there is nothing like them having experience of meeting someone who has been active in a movement or done good and that's what we think will be the benefit of today. >> reporter: we have lots of students to came out early to join in the freezing cold. what are you hoping to get away from the message. what are you hoping to get out of the message. >> i read a little bit about leon bass and he is an inspirational leader in the community. he is a really good role model for any student, parent, any adult, anyone in this country. >> reporter: you guys are looking forward to his message today. >> very much so, we are happy to come together and have a
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nice service commemorate, martin luther king jr.'s accomplishments. >> reporter: the session will take place at 10:00 a.m. this morning in the fine arts center, here on the campus of mount st. joe. this will be a memorable speaking engagement for the students. kuren redmond, abc2 news. downtown, balletsmore's 12th annual dr. king jr. parade will take place. baltimore hall of famer lenny moore will serve as grand marshal. it's at noon at mlk and utah street. you are going to be chilly during the parade. it won't be until 3 or 4:00, that you warm things up to about 40 degrees. some spots upper 30s. you are going to need to bundle up and this morning, check out
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the teens in to baltimore. good morning, easton, 19 degrees. york, pennsylvania, 12 degrees there. a cold start this morning. the reason why, we are under clear skies. when you have the clear skies, the clouds can't insulate us. temperatures are dropping like a rock this morning. high pressure in control of the weather. it will slide towards the east. allowing for the clouds to push in here and wet weather, now the wet weather will come in the form of maybe a little bit of a wintery mix as we go through the evening and switch to rain. future trend, here come the clouds in to the afternoon. looks like all rain, i think this model has more of the wintery weather, more to the north. i think some of that may get in to the area, too. by tuesday, though, things will be all rain as you make your morning commute, a little bit on the dicey side and things improve as we go in to
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wednesday, maybe to western maryland, a little bit of snow. all in all, not a bad looking day. temperature around 40 degrees win creasing clouds. -- with increasing clouds. good morning everyone. dundalk going to be your best bet this morning instead of brawning highway. we are moving well, no reported troubles on the main routes in to the city, 295, and 395 are clear. i-95, traffic patterns moving well between the capital beltway and baltimore beltway. u.s. 50 and maryland, no delays or accidents on 50. looking good with all lanes open. members of occupy baltimore will be back on the streets today, what the group plans to protest next and where they plan to do it. very special guests arrived in
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france during the weekend. the relationship these two are expected to inspire. belated happy birthday, williams was january 6th. if you qqvjhave a birthday to ñshow at, we will get it onh the mm=(ñair as quickly as poss back in a bit.
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three people found alive sunday inside a partially submerged cruise ship. a crew member has a broken leg and a south koreaian couple was found in their cabin. it was close to the shore when it hit a rock opening a huge cash in the hall and within minutes water began gushing in. the captain has been detained and could face manslaughter and other charges on how the situation was handled. protesters gathered sunday, the fourth day of protest against the government's
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austerity measures. 17 people were injured during the weekend. this is the largest against the president since his 2004 election. so far, no deal has been reached between the nigerian government and labor unions as long as residents are furious. long lines have been seen across the country. people are trying to stock up before the next round of the possible strike. two giant pandas arrived in france, china and france, now agreed to a deal and we will see the pair stay in the zoo for ten years under the conservation and research program. the couple will stay at the zoo allowing breeding habits and training the endangered species before reintroducing them in to the wild. another candidate giving up his fight to the white house. also a pregnant woman is murdered. who police suspect may have done it and the motive behind
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the killing, details in a bit.
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